So what is SiteHood or live chat for websites anyway

A website without SiteHood is like a store without a salesman!

SiteHood is a chat platform for websites that enables you to:

Monitor the site’s visitors and browsing data in real time

 Know where they came from, which page they’re on, how long since they entered and whether they’ve visited before

To perform active sales and customer service on the site

Contact each and every one of the site’s visitors anytime and conduct a live chat conversation for sale or service purpose

To improve the sales amount and the service quality

By providing instant and relevant customer service and managing sale manipulations online in real time

The live chat toolbar available in a verity of colors for your selection to match your website

Conducting live chat anytime and anywhere with a cloud based system

Innovative and convenient interface that allows to manage multiple concurrent chats

Users manual

Responsive system for mobile devices

Both the agents side and the site visitors side are adapted to mobile devices

The chat management dashboard

The website visitor side

When browsing using a mobile device, the system will recognize the device and will display the suitable version

The mobile version is more compact and neat and includes only the required features for managing the chat with a maximum comfort

The visitor’s side will also adapt if the hosting website is responsive, and will display the chat window in full screen after the visitor clicks the new button replacing the standard chat toolbar 

SiteHood is specially built for large call centers that require large and complex representative system, call routing, custom adjustments and more

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Articles and information

SiteHood’s main innovation

The following is SiteHood's main innovation: SiteHood's main innovation is due to a unique technological infrastructure. We managed to overcome quite a few obstecles in order to bring forward the development of a chat

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SiteHood’s icons

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Benefits of using SiteHood

 Providing accessible, human and instant service for the site's visitors  Increasing sales and conversion rate up to 40%.  Improving the service quality and the visitors satisfaction.  Conducting unlimited number of conversation simultaneously.  Receiving full

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