About SiteHood

SiteHood is an Israeli company which started out as a Web development company.

SiteHood commenced operations in 2010 in the markets of Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
SiteHood provide service to thousands of customers – websites which enjoy powerful technology and courteous and personal customer service . SiteHood provides websites with an effective solution that enhances their conversion processes of website visitors into actual transactions. SiteHood customers report an increase of several hundred percent in sales and customer satisfaction on various sites. SiteHood chat system was established in response to the widespread problem on Websites – low conversion rates.

Among others, these three problems are making a proper conversion rate seem so hard to get:


The site visitor is flooded with information, products services and so on. Sometimes wandering through all of this is frostrating without a tight escort

Unanswered questions

During the browsing, the visitor rises questions, both general and specific that may effect his decision whether to make a purchase or not.

The ease in navigation

As opposed to a physical store, visitors can switch to a competitors located one click away . Without someone to keep him in, the visitor may leave the site quickly

SiteHood’s team developed a live chat system which provides a full solution to the low conversion rate problem – Bring the seller into the site!!

SiteHood system enables the site representatives to monitor the visitors in real time, receive full information about each of them and provide them with an instant, high quality human service that increases the sales and the site’s reputation over times.

With SiteHood the site owner can be evolved in  his site’s browsing data and use it to provide better, more sale oriented service.

So how does it work?

The visitor enters the site and immediately sees the chat window

At the same time, the agent receives notification about an incoming visitor and getting full information about him such as where did he came from, what page is he on and whether he visited the site in the past or not . From the moment he enters the site, the agent can contact the visitor with a personal message and conduct a chat conversation with him. Alternatively, the agents can wait for the visitors to contact them. When a visitor sends a message, he is routed to the most available agent automatically

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