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SiteHood’s main innovation

The following is SiteHood's main innovation: SiteHood's main innovation is due to a unique technological infrastructure. We managed to overcome quite a few obstecles in order to bring forward the development of a chat system, where not only the visitor but the site owner can initiate a conversation. SiteHood's benefits: No software download or


Chat system service for websites

Today the internet has an important and even crusial part in the business world, the culture and more. The connection between people from all around the world up until a few years ago was very thin and much expensive. The main medias for interaction between people from all of the world's edges was mainly


Online representative in your site

You have a website? Would you like to really increase your sales and order volume in your site? SiteHood is the perfect solution for you! Human sales and service representative online in your site. SiteHood provides you with customer service representatives who would man the live chat in your site, and will serve the visitors in your site


Online sales representative

One of the greatest benefits of the Internet, is the ease and immediacy that you can do business and provide services to clients. Many companies use live chat for sales, customer service and more. Online sales representative can correspond via the chat and sometimes even be seen through camera. There are many advantages when providing service through online sales representative, streamlining


Sitehood company

SiteHood's web application provides live chat services for websites. It is known that the use of such application significantly increases sales volume in websites. SiteHood provides website owners the best tools for managing sales and customer service in websites. SiteHood started out in 2007 as a web development company. In 2008, the SiteHood's team initiated and



 SiteHood collaborates with website development companies. SiteHood provides multi-chat between website owner or any of his representatives, and its visitors. Currently, Websites do not allow users to contact representatives in real time, and therefore, the direct impact is the lack of success in realizing the potential of the Internet. SiteHood is an online engagement tool that allows a site


SiteHood’s icons

SiteHood has a wide range of possibilities for operating the communication with the site's visitors. Every site visitor receives a unique identification tags based on his unique identity and his relation to the toolbar / SiteHood's chat. These are the different states of your site's visitors: On site: The first icon the visitor receives the second he enters the site. On


Contact mechanism on websites

Today everyone has a website and many other online platforms so everyone can easily and efficiently offer their services, products and ideals to many potential consumers. The site is like a virtual store. Even if there are no mere products, it has the sale potential or the potential for providing any service. To make a purchase,


Benefits of using SiteHood

 Providing accessible, human and instant service for the site's visitors  Increasing sales and conversion rate up to 40%.  Improving the service quality and the visitors satisfaction.  Conducting unlimited number of conversation simultaneously.  Receiving full information about the visitors wish and activity on the site.  Active control of the visitors movement in the site pages by


Online customer service

Customer service is not a simple thing, customers expect immediate response, patience is running out fast and they do not feel that they get the best deal they could get. To overcome these difficulties and produce a more sophisticated customer service and more providing for customers, many companies have online customer service. Online customer service takes


Sales promotion

Sales promotion - Promotions, as its name suggests is designed to promote the company's sales in unconventional ways. This means a creative promoting  - in addition to the usual advertising and marketing. The idea behind the sales promotion is based on the thought that sometimes it is very important to wake everybody up and turn the customers,


Human response

Customer service has been developing for a long time and already decades ago the leaders of large businesses understood that the key to quality sales and service lies in the presence of a quality human response, the quality of service and personal attention. The development of service centers was a necessary step in light of the new insights.