SiteHood collaborates with website development companies.

SiteHood provides multi-chat between website owner or any of his representatives, and its visitors. Currently, Websites do not allow users to contact representatives in real time, and therefore, the direct impact is the lack of success in realizing the potential of the Internet. SiteHood is an online engagement tool that allows a site owner to initiate a call in front of a site visitor and offer him the variety of services or products on the site. Whenever a user enters the site, the site owner receives a notification, from that moment he sees every step of the visitor, where he is, what product he does he view and for how long, the rout he makes on the site, and so on. The site owner knows everything the visitor is doing on his site, and at any given moment, can start talking with him.

Website Builder | Web programmer | Site developer

SiteHood offers the perfect model for a web programmer and for companies building and promoting websites. Every website builder or Web developer knows how important it is to provide a selection of quality services to each customer during the site construction.

As a web programmer, you can easily embed SiteHood’s script into the site and allow you client to access our unique chat bar.

This way every web developer can give his customers the option of managing  live chat for online sales with the site’s visitors.

SiteHood offers an affiliate program and compensation for any web developer, builder or programmer to give the live chat system to his customers.

Webmasters / Business social network manager

If you are webmasters or serve as a manager of the business social networking, you are probably looking for a way to optimize the visitor browsing in your site.

SiteHood offers the best solution for Webmasters.

SiteHood’s live chat gives a variety of management options for webmasters – so you can control the visitors entrance to your site’s landing pages at any given moment and increase your sales.

Are you a manager of a business social network? Active on Facebook and Twitter? The search for visitors has ended – From now on the visitors will come to you.

If you run a business social network, you must know what the importance of emotional intelligence when addressing visitors and customers in your site.

Proper use of SiteHood combined with proper contact to customers – will ensure massive sales increase.

SEO | Internet Marketing and Advertising

In the recent years we have seen growth in the web services support occupations. One of the hottest areas is SEO and many methods of Internet marketing and advertising.

Internet marketing and advertising relies on webmasters who live and breathe the web.

Any SEO company or an internet marketing and advertising firm knows that it is very difficult to demonstrate the customers how effective the SEO works.

Using SiteHood’s live chat will illustrate and demonstrate to your clients how customers enter their site at any given moment, and help them to increase sales through live chat service.

Websites content editors

A website content editor is dealing in improving the content he’s working with on a daily basis. The content editor must update the content regularly according to the visitors interests.

The site content is an important parameter that effects the site’s SEO. Writing content for a website is also one of the important parameters who draw visitors to the site.

As a website content editor, you probably know the importance of pulling visitors to the site and making them stay.

SiteHood’s live chat will help you keep your site’s visitors in the site and direct them to the proper locations for them to become customers.

Sales agents | E-shop

Salesmen, want to increase the sales in eCommerce websites? It’s about time we will be able to address our visitors in any given time.

E-commerce sites are saturated in many different products intended for sale. In practice, many visitors enter the site and do not receive treatment and attention – something that often takes them out of the site without purchasing.

To increase sales we need to turn our site to a dynamic store.

E-shop can become a shop for anything, when the sales agents use our live chat to serve customers in every site visit.

Good luck

If you are connected to one of the above occupations, SiteHood offers you an unprecedented service for you to provide to your customers and use it on your own website

Contact us and receive a commission for every site owner your register.