Customer service has been developing for a long time and already decades ago the leaders of large businesses understood that the key to quality sales and service lies in the presence of a quality human response, the quality of service and personal attention. The development of service centers was a necessary step in light of the new insights. However the cost of human response was an expensive matter, in cost-benefit calculations. The understanding existed but had a very poor application in most companies.

Advances in technology have helped to develop intelligent response rather than human response. The goal was to redirect incoming phone calls in cooperation with the call initiator or the potential customer who requested the service. Although many companies have begun to use the smart response, a reduction in the level of satisfaction with the service was clearly noticeable . Giving long lasting directions confused significant portion of callers, who often clicked the wrong extension number. And finally led the callers to wait for the extension number for… human response.

The sales field was also damaged as a result of the smart response. When many potential buyers decided to give up the effort and look for what they want elsewhere. The small difference between first place they searched in and the place where they eventually bought was, in many cases, the human response. People, as it turns out, are people, even on sophisticated technology and the internet era, and they like to close a deal with a person, much more than in front of a computerized response.

Human response on the internet – The new role of live chat

The developments of Internet have made it a convenient platform to build a different kind of human response – Live chat with service or sales representatives. The old and unflattering chat was replaced by serious and substantive chatting between services seekers and different salesmen. One of the more useful and professional tools, developed by SiteHood online communications, enables human Live chat connecting between visitors and the site’s representatives, even on sites that have never been built with this option.

All signs indicate that Internet live chat is the next generation of human response. Every site will have an option for live chat with a sales or service representative, for the visitor to use when he wants. SiteHood online communication company offers a chat connection to chat to every sales or services websites. This will enable more sites to preform sales promotion by human response.

Beyond the possibility of human response, SiteHood’s professional tool offers additional features. One of them is to be able to contact with several customers simultaneously. Another possibility is “breaking message”, that allows to send an initiated message to the site visitor, just as if he was in the store, and one of the salesmen approached him. Experience shows that inquiries initiated by representative to customers that are currently on the site increases the chances of a sale. In addition there are a variety of options all with the same purpose – to improve communication with visitors.