Gifts are not only a method to show respect to the customers, distributors and investors but also a way to preserve customers and to brand yourself. When you give a present to people with whom you conduct business, you collect reputation of someone who takes care of his business partners. After all, everybody loves getting attention and what shows you care better than a present?

The most efficiant and useful gifts, to you as a company, are marketing products. Whether you want to give your employees a holiday gift or to give presents for children to your favorite customers – Why not make a profit out of it? Marketing products allow you to give presents to the people you work with on one hand and distribute your company’s name and brand on the other by a subconscious method – which takes main role in the psychological processes that leads eventually to the purpose – the sale.

Marketing products are great tactics for a company’s sales promotion.  These products can help improve the art of sales of the company’s salesmen.

A company that engraves its logo on marketing products, is making a statement of its presence. The first advantage of marketing products is obvious but it’s important to consider the second one –  The psychological affect a vast brand exposure has. When we notice the logo for the first time, we tend not to give him special attention but it is curved into our memory. the more we meet this logo the more we notice it and it is being rooted in us. And so it happens that we develop a familiar feeling with the company even if we have never bought anything from it, only seeing the companies logo and products over and over again. Also spreading products carrying your brand in offices and houses, shows that you have customers and you take care of them. When these products are placed in houses of opinion leaders, their affect is multiplying so you should know what to send and to whom.

This “passive” advertising leads to sales and to improve the awareness of your company seldom even more than active advertising. That’s because active advertising forces itself on the customer when passive advertising customers is much more sophisticated.

How can marketing products can help you promote sales? Think for example of customer service or telemeeting / telemarketing services where you engage a pool of the company’s customer.

Giving the marketing products as a customers gift will always be gladly received. A short message in your live chat announcing a gift distribution to your customers – surely will be answered.

It is very important to choose a useful product so the recipient would enjoy it and expose it publicly. Decorative office equipment is always a very good option. On the one hand, these products are conservative and relatively standard, so your personal taste does not conflict with the personal taste of the customer or investor, and on the other hand office equipment is always placed on the desk – so anyone who enters the room sees your logo immediately. As in any field, in the field of marketing products there are also trends – and the two most powerful trends today are the spiritual trend and the green trend. The first trend has been around for a while and you can see that many companies give as a gift to employees “Feng Shui” pots with the logo of the company. The second trend is going to take over all aspects of our lives and it transmits social responsibility – a company that invests in green products and even goes one step further and manufactures green marketing products, brands itself in a very positive way.

Also, many do not know that marketing products are a tax deductible expense, of course when providing proper receipts. So that the gift you give to your customers is good for you just as much as it’s good for them. It’s  true that it is an expense and often not a small one, but because your order marketing products in commercial quantities the costs are relatively low than the retail prices of these products. Think about the amount of money you invest in advertising and you’ll understand how investing in informal form of advertising is useful and effective for you.

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