You have a website? Would you like to really increase your sales and order volume in your site?

SiteHood is the perfect solution for you! Human sales and service representative online in your site.

SiteHood provides you with customer service representatives who would man the live chat in your site, and will serve the visitors in your site in your behalf, every visitor that enters your site.

SiteHood service representatives are people, human! No computers, no applications and no robots! The service and sales representatives employed by SiteHood are salespeople with experience and accumulated knowledge about the real and required needs in online media sales.

While you pay lead companies for technology platforms only, such as affiliate programs, with SiteHood your site visitors enjoy a kind, caring and human browsing experience.

Negotiation skills, bargain and sale, all manipulations of seller in front of a buyer, all of these are skipped by the affiliate programs technologies. We got used to the fact that the internet is cold, not more!

SiteHood’s leads service generates the leads with the highest probability for transaction closure. Customer service representatives greet the potential customer, tell him about your services, products, pay attention to his needs and provide him with the most appropriate and fastest response.

For the first time in Israel, SiteHood will generate unconditional income for you and without prepayment.

You pay only for actual leads. You will not pay for customer service provided casually for free. It is much like a clicks based campaign (PPC) in affiliate programs, even though you registering for a clicks and conversions campaign, you still have many free exposures.

So in SiteHood, you pay only for the leads, and enjoy a higher quality of customer service, more efficient, and certainly human and more skilled than any leads producing technology platform.

What’s in SiteHood’s leads package:

  • Free trial! According to the volume of your site, you will be offered an initial amount of leads free of charge so that you can intelligently consider the use of the service.
  • Trained service representatives that provide a rapid response to every visitor on your site during predefined activity hours. SiteHood’s lead closure probability is the highest in the market and brings more than any other technology to practice real deal.
  • The visitor’s browsing experience becomes personal and human. The customer service smiles at him, satisfies him and emotionally ties him to the buying experience in the site.
  • You can get the leads imidiatlly the second its created. In addition, on the leads terminal in your SiteHood account you will find a dynamic list of leads for you to handle along with documented conversations.
Ask SiteHood’s representatives now and start receiving leads, lots of them – and the best there is
*The service will be provided according to SiteHood’s sole discretion and is subjected to a traffic minimum.