Privacy Policy

The registration process

The registration processt to SiteHood does not require the name of your site, because SiteHood allows you to register  as many sites  as you wish within a single account. Therefore, during the registration process SiteHood is asking for the personal details of the account holder.

Resources and technological infrastructure

SiteHood is a web application, so it does not store any form of information on the customer side.
The application is hosted on SiteHood servers and does not require the customer to have any technical resource for the software activation.


The information collected about SiteHood’s customers consists of several types:

  1. business information, website information and details of the site owner.
  2. The information about the browsing of visitors, their web pages browsing history and the chat conversations they made with the site representatives.
  3. Usage statistics of site owners / representatives in SiteHood app

The information collected from the websites visitors:
Just like any other web application, SiteHood also uses cookie files to identify system users.
Sitehood knows personal information about the visitor only if they have willingly given the information, Sitehood does not know personal information about visitors except information which enables individual identification of visitors.

 For example: Sitehood do not know the name of the user or his email address in any way, unless he wrote it in the system.

SiteHood is using this information to the matter of distinguishing between visitors and visits. Therefore, each of the site visitors gets a serial nickname according to ascending series starting from “guest 1” and so on.. if the visitor wants to identify himself he can easily replace the first name and nickname to give more information but this is the visitors decision only.

SiteHood does not publish information about users, but only displays it to the sites owners so that they can become more efficient in their service to customers.

 SiteHood reserves the right to use these browsing details and statistical information about visitors for the system improvement.

Saving information and non-publication of data

All the information is stored on SiteHood’s servers is secured in the required level and is not published to any third party. SiteHood reserves the right to use the information for internal purposes for the purpose of improving the technology and the service offered.

Restrictions and prohibitions

“Bad” visitor blocking option.
SiteHood reserves the right to decide who uses the app for illegal purposes and to disconnect them from the service immediately.

Restrictions Prohibition of sale/distribution not according to regulations

SiteHood is a private development of SiteHood Internet communications Ltd, and is registered and patented. Therefore absolutely forbid distribution of the software or to sell or rent, or advertise or market or a copy or imitate it in any way