SiteHood’s web application provides live chat services for websites.

It is known that the use of such application significantly increases sales volume in websites.

SiteHood provides website owners the best tools for managing sales and customer service in websites.

SiteHood started out in 2007 as a web development company. In 2008, the SiteHood’s team initiated and developed a winning idea ​​for improving the revenue of websites – A live chat system and a web interface for optimal management of sales and customer service.

Visitors who enter SiteHood’s customers’ websites enjoy a better and unique shopping experience, that helps website owners to leverage sales and customer service and bring real deals, just like a store or a business in real life.

In 2010, SiteHood was received a grant from the Chief Scientist, Tnufa – technical projects assistance and has stopped its services as  a web developing company. At the same time, SiteHood registered a patent for a unique mechanism that allows customers to initiate a chat with visitors on websites listed in SiteHood accounts.

SiteHood has vast experience in working with websites and websites owner in particulart, those who want to produce positive tendency of sales in their business.

While daily examining of the whole needs and comprise in websites and in light of the experience accumulated in the SiteHood team, it was concluded unequivocally: common website in its current form is not profitable enough!!!

Despite all the efforts of SEO companies and websites marketing and advertising companies, there is almost no growth in small and medium website businesses. Although they are able to produce many site visits, the visitors leave the site very quickly and don’t produce actual transactions.

This is an unprecedented numbers, in a website who’s traffic is an average of 100 visitors a day, statistically only 2 people will buy a product or will complete a deal.

The reasons for this are known to everyone, no customer service, no haggling, no negotiation, no manipulation of selling, no smile, no greeting and no goodbye for those who leave, no real time discounts, gifts and many other characteristics of trade in real world stores are absent from the list of abilities in the internet market today.

SiteHood announce an upgrade for all websites and adds them the ability to handle all the appropriate features of  internet marketplace.

There is no reason what so ever, with all the technologies available today, that website visitors won’t be able to receive service in real time while they are looking to spend money. They want to buy and the website owners should provide them with the appropriate service to do this.

The technological helplessness that accompanied the internet until the middle of the previous decade, led us the internet users to think that there is no possible solution for online service, we got used to the idea that websites are cold electronic stores, full of texts, data, calculations of product costs, shipping costs, dates, and other characteristics of the previous decade. No more, today with SiteHood’s live chat, websites are hot, welcome the site visitors, greet the the new and returning customers, coordinate service based on known past of the visitor, Relate the most suitable service representative according to the product and more innovative and modern features for customer service management in websites.

SiteHood’s first version was published in late 2010 and in early May 2011 SiteHood launched the official version with a package of unique and revolutionary services for websites.

Who needs SiteHood? Any website where there is a marketing business interest: professionals, jewelers, lawyers, manufacturers of furniture, travel agencies, brokers, companies, businesses, electronic stores, colleges, universities, healthcare organizations, almost all types of websites that want to make an improvement in sales or marketing.

You do not have the personnel to answer the chat? SiteHood provides representatives for companies and businesses that want permanent representatives on their site. SiteHood’s representatives will sell and serve the customers for you. You will get super hot leads or closed transactions conversions.

SiteHood is a web application and therefore you can use it anywhere and anytime.

A website owner can sit in a cafe on the beach and still talk to his visitors and make them buy.