The internet era opened to everyone the opportunity to meet new people and make connections with people who was unlikely to ever meet before this wonderful media came into the world. Today you can have deep conversations and even long-term relationships through the Internet, without having to face each other or see the other person face to face substantially, but only virtual. One of the means provided by the Internet is the chat. Chat enables to talk online with another person. The reaction is instant, just like a regular conversation. Spinchat is a site that allows many people to conduct simultaneous chat connections with other people. Hundreds of members registered on the site, from whom anyone can choose to make contact with those that fit him.

What are the advantages of Spinchat?

It is true that you can also chat on Facebook, but there the user can only talk to his friends, those he already knows. Spinchat is actually a social network itself, that allows its members to meet dozens of new people who may suit them according to the profile they have created on the site. The chats can also manage video and in this way to see the person talking.

People find it difficult to leave home due to illness or any other reason or people with limited circle of friends, people looking to meet the members of the opposite sex or just people who are looking to increase their social circle, can do so through the Spinchat without leaving the house.

What to beware of?

Spin chat is open only to adults over the age of 18 (or 21 in some countries). The reason is, that in fact anyone can be a member on the site, there is no entrance exams or an identity characterization of some sort. Therefore, there is the risk of people who try to lure and exploit children and youth in this way. Through Spinchat people can still wear themselves a false identity and take advantage of unsuspecting users,

For the same reason it is also recommended for adults to not publish real contact information such as telephone and address.

The uniqueness of the site

The site allows visitors to choose the users they like, with a similar profile to their. The site allows to conduct one-on-one online chat  or a group chat. You can mark your favorite users and get back to them for further talks. You can label visitors you chat with and see how others labeled a certain visitor.

If so, Live chat, is the new way to socialize.