Today the internet has an important and even crusial part in the business world, the culture and more. The connection between people from all around the world up until a few years ago was very thin and much expensive. The main medias for interaction between people from all of the world’s edges was mainly phone calls, and after that video conferences. Today the internet allows many ways to provide sofisticated and quality chat services, that give very good response to anyone who needs to contact other and want to do it without the high cost of phone calls and such. Since the internet is a solid and very important base for the global communication, you can see that there are quite a few options to these chats, and all that you need to do is choose the suitable service.

Why do I need chat service for websites?

By installing live chat system in your website, you can get a dynamic customer service in your site – Which will contribute significantly to the online sales promotion process.

Using live chat, you can put salesmen and telemarketing services that will provide online response to your site’s visitors and will help them in the purchasing process in the site.

Chat Roulette for a global chat experience

In a world of social networks you’re always looking for new people to talk to and original ways to do it. Chat Roulette is a website that gives this answer, the spontaneous connection between people. If you sometimes feel tired of speaking with the same people on the same channels, you can go and experience the connection provided by this website, between people who want to meet others and the desire to maintain a certain anonymity. In this manner the chat always gives the personal atmosphere everyone is looking for, but still this is a case of wanting to globally communicate.

Skype – A phone like any other

Much has been said about Skype and its ability to replace a regular phone. One of the most recommended methods to talk with other people, also in writing and through a video call, is using Skype. By using this software you can give everyone everything they need, the connection to everyone, and the efficiency and cost only internet can offer today.

Whatsapp – The revolution in conversing

The whatsapp application has made our life different. It has literally conquered the world and required the cellular companies to reduce costs. Today fewer and fewer people use plain sms messages and almost everyone who has a smartphone use Whatsapp. You can talk to single people and a group, send photos, videos and sound files easily and send some nice emojis. But the most important and unique feature is the ability to know if your message was received, who read it and when and when did they last seen on the app.