In the past live chat was a name for conversation programs in popular sites. You would enter a famous site, select the chat option, choose a username, and start talking to people identified with an alias the picked for themselves. Today, with the advancement of internet technology, live chat is already so much more.

Live chat types

The first innovation after the instant messaging live chat programs is to talk and hear your partner. For this stage on, the chat softwares became more and more individual and so the users started to present themselves instead of hiding behind nicknames and aliases.

The webcam, also brought an upgrade for the live chat softwares. The camera connects easily to any computer and through it you can see and be seen. In this stage all the old rules were broken and all the chatting culture turned almost completely honest. People identify themselves in their real names, showing themselves how the really are, at their homes in their private space and where they fill comfortable.

Further developments in the field of live chat

The latest development in the chat field, is “chat roulette”. Sign up to websites that offer this service, provide yourself with a webcam, microphone, and whenever you press the button, the software connects you completely randomly to a man or a woman also connected at the moment. If you do not like the random result, you do not have to apologize to the partner, but simply push the button again and get a new result.

Other uses for live chat

Live chat can also be used for real-time advice: Sites like HMOs and colleges, offers a service representative connected online and answers the visitors questions in real time.

There are also online chat for websites especially for sales people sitting in the control room and opening a conversation with a potential customer that entered the site and expressed the intention to purchase.


The future of Live chat

Live chat will soon replace all phone calls. We can see the revolution WhatsApp made. The minute the technology will allow to have voice calls as clear and as high quality as phone calls, we won’t use any phone lines.