One of the greatest benefits of the Internet, is the ease and immediacy that you can do business and provide services to clients. Many companies use live chat for sales, customer service and more. Online sales representative can correspond via the chat and sometimes even be seen through camera. There are many advantages when providing service through online sales representative, streamlining and increasing sales are just some of them.

What is an online sales representative?

This representative is just as any other sales representative, his ultimate goal is to sell the services or products of the company. Salespeople act according to the art of sales, which include many conditions and with its help enhance and streamline their selling abilities. When it comes to selling online, wer’e talking about a representative who speaks with customers in real time, while they explore the company’s site, the conversation is more personal and less formal. The agent can answer customers who contacted him via the chat or to initiating contact with potential customers or visitors himself.

The benefits of an online sasles representative

If you compare a sales representative on the web and the telephone operator, you’ll find some distinct advantages for the live chat use. Both methods share human response, which gives a warm and personal feel to the customers, which improves the sales. The difference between them is that live chat takes place when the customer is on the company’s website in real time. The agent can lead him to see the various products, read and than call for questions.

When it comes to phone response, the customer isn’t always by the computer and in the site. This advantage is significant because sales take place in a more credible and better manner and it’s proven indeed that the use of chat for sale increases the percentage of sales. Also, there are usually extensions in a telephone response, which waste valuable time for the customer. This does not exist on the Internet. In addition, there are cases where you can see the sales representative via webcam, making it more reliable and more personal. You can also contact visitors, without having to wait for them to contact you and thus increase sales, which does not exist in telephone response.

On top of all of that, in the live chat method, its even easier to conduct conversations with more than one customer at once while on the phone its impossible.

You can see that there are many advantages in the use of online sales representative, the selling becomes more effective and efficient, the customer is more satisfied and therefore purchase more. Many companies have already adopted this method and it works for the benefit of the company and its customers.