The following is SiteHood’s main innovation:

SiteHood’s main innovation is due to a unique technological infrastructure. We managed to overcome quite a few obstecles in order to bring forward the development of a chat system, where not only the visitor but the site owner can initiate a conversation.

SiteHood’s benefits:

  1. No software download or installation. A cloud based system that provides sweeping advantages:
    • The ability to connect anytime from anywhere, including a mobile phone. Some competitors limit you to one certain computer
    • The ability to use several representatives who use different computers on the same account
    • No storage limit. All the conversations are saved on SiteHood’s secured cloud. No disk space required
  2. No popup window. Competitors often use a popup window for the chat which hides the site. SiteHood’s chat is an integral part of the site
  3. SiteHood is a live chat software, so the site representative can send his messages anytime to any visitor and know he will receive it in his chat toolbar. You don’t have to wait for visitors to contact you so you can take control and get more conversions by being proactive.
  4. SiteHood’s live chat toolbar include these benefits:
    • The visior can move between the webpages during the conversation. The chat will move with him to the next page with the conversation still active. The representative will always know when and where did the visitor move to
    • The chat toolbar does not hide any peice of the site. Its fixed to the bottom of the page
    • The site owner can select the color that best matches his site or even build a custom design. The system becomes an integral part of the site
    • The chat toolbar also contains news and store features that allow the site owner to add advertising information in all of his pages
  5. Call centers adapted system with a large number of representatives – SiteHood includes a varity of features such as automatic call routing, permission based representative system, and managing multiple websites under one account. This enables managing a complex chat in any magnitude.